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  • Oslo Investor Summit 2017 – Pawn is the new Queen

    Publisert: 27. februar 2017

    Find out why Oslo is the strongest market in Europe to invest in. How will Q1 end? How are the yields moving? Where are the best deals?

    DATE:  March 15
    TIME:  10:30–11:30
    PLACE:  SALON CROISETTE, Palais des Festivals–Level 0


    Opening by Governing Mayor Raymond Johansen.

    A foreign perspective: Why invest in Oslo? James Robson, managing director in Hines Europe

    The quickplay: A ve minute intro from each expert regarding recent developments and trends: The Financing Framework, The Market Framework and The Legal Framework.

    Round-robin: Cross player discussion on the main issues and development in the market aimed at providing the best insight to increase the investors competitive edge.

    The Bullet: Questions from the audience on any detail regarding the Oslo market.


    The Moderator: Emily Wright, Feature and Global Editor at Estates Gazette, London.

    The Foreigner: James Robson, managing director in Hines Europe, where he is responsible for acquisition and development in European countries where Hines has traditionally not had a local operating team.

    The Locals: Stig L. Bech and Anne So e Bjørkholt from the Law rm of BA-HR, Peter Behncke, the Global Head of the Investment Banking Division at DNB Markets and John O. Solberg, CEO at CBRE Norway.

    The Oslo Investor Summit V 2.0 – No longer just for newcomers! Get the details from the source!

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