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    Publisert: 26. februar 2016

    The innovation economy – where ideas and IP are king – is evolving, growing, and urbanising exponentially. The world’s 1,000 biggest spending firms on research and development (R&D) now spend over €1 billion a day to gain an innovation edge, and many of them are moving to the inner city, to maximise their scale and reach. At the same time, disruptive technologies including mobile connectivity, the internet of things, and 3D printing are attracting trillions of dollars of investment and increasing the power of agile small companies to hit the big time.

    Oslo Metropolitan Area is the driver of urban development and economic restructuring of the Oslo region. Find out how tech and real estate creates new spaces for innovation. Meet the Oslopolitans at Mipim March 15 at 4 o`clock in the Orange Room.



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